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When you walk into some rooms there’s a certain atmosphere that makes you feel at ease. In other cases the opposite is true. For some reason one particular room is more enjoyable and relaxing to be in but you can quiet put your finger on why this is the case. Then, when you take a look around the room that you enjoy being in you realize certain small additions to this room transform it from an ordinary place, into some much more appealing.


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Lighting plays a huge part in improving the atmosphere of a room. In most cases you’ll be using your sitting room in the evening and at night when it’s dark. This means the appropriate lighting is necessary. A range of wall lights and floor lamps have been manufactured to suit various types of home. Floor lights are especially flexible because you can use them in different parts of a room and shine light in different areas by easily changing the direction of these lamps. If you have an area of your room that’s darker this is the perfect solution.
In many rooms a floor often looks bare, especially if all you can see is a plain carpet or timber flooring. Adding a large stylish rug will drastically change the appearance of a room and remove this bare look that’s often a problem in sitting rooms. As a homeowner, you have a wide range of rugs to choose from online and offline stores.

Setting a subtle theme in this room is also a way to make it a more popular place to relax and entertain friends and family. Adding plants, paintings and pictures will make it a more personal and relaxing place with a bit more character. Painting the walls in a warm color that compliments these room accessories makes people feel more at ease in this particular room of the house and helps set the mood especially, if your friends or family call round to visit.




Heating is very important too. There are two extremes. In one case you don’t want a room to be too cold and on the other it’s uncomfortable for many people when a room is too hot. An open fire that produces natural heat is nice touch. If you don’t have this feature, there are many authentic-looking electric fireplaces that are a great addition to any room without having to worry about adding fuel or cleaning up afterwards. Fireplaces add another source of light to a room adding to the warm and cosy feel.

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Adding some personality to a sitting room makes a huge difference. Simple alterations will change the way other people think about your home and also create a better mood for you too. Adding a stylish floor lamp, rugs, fireplace, bright paint and other touches make this possible without having to spend a fortune. Once you make these changes your sitting room can become a cosier and more comfortable place to relax and entertain family and friends when they call round to visit.